Conference Presentations

A number of PTSD 2016 conference presenters have given their permission to make their presentations available online. Click on session to view available presentations.

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FEATURED SPEAKERS full list of presenters can be viewed here.

Terri Aversa  Responding to PTSD by Supporting First Responders and Other Front Line Workers

Nick Carleton  Together we are Stronger

Michael Clinchy and Liana Zanette  The Evolution of PTSD and its Potentially Adaptive Benefits

David Diamond  Beneath the Surface of the PTSD Iceberg: Evolutionary, Neurobiological and Physiological Perspectives on PTSD

Allan Young  PTSD in the Bayesian Brain



Panel 1: Condensed Models of Exposure-Based Treatment

Panel 2: Paradigms & Policy

Panel 3: Occupational Health and Safety

Panel 4: PTSD: Policing and Corrections

Panel 5: Effectiveness of PTSD Treatments

Panel 6: First Nations Mental Wellness Continuum Framework

Panel 7: Neuro Mechanisms & PTSD I

Panel 8: Critical Perspectives in PTSD

Panel 9: Addressing PTSD in Canadian Armed Forces

Panel 10: PTSD and Substance Abuse Co-Morbidity

Panel 11: After the Trauma: Personal and Societal Impacts of PTSD

Panel 12: Policing Without Defeat:Follow-Up

Panel 13: New Approaches in PTSD Therapy

Panel 14: Glucocorticoid Effects on Emotional Memory: From Mechanistic Insight to Clinical Implications for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Panel 15: Poetic and Performative Approaches to Decolonizing Trauma

Panel 16: Support and PTSD

Panel 17: Grief Interrupted: A panel on PTS and Complicated Grief

Panel 18: Regarding Residential Schools and We Were Children (2012), A Film Screening

Panel 19: Neuro Mechanisms & PTSD II

Panel 20: From Mental Health Promotion to Building Resilience: Comprehensive Strategies for Preventing Operational Stress Injuries

Panel 21: Badge of Life Canada: Surviving Trauma & Building Resilience in the Workplace

Panel 22: The Role of Support Networks

Panel 23: Models of Care

Panel 24: Predator-based Animal Models of PTSD



Workshop 1: Packing your Carry-On: Essential Tools for Understanding and Managing PTSD

Workshop 2: Resiliency & Wellness

Workshop 3: The Art of Vulnerability. Healing through Therapeutic Relationship


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